You Got This!

Every morning (when I’m not on the road speaking) I head out the back stairwell of my newly-constructed apartment building to take a walk. It gets me moving, it gets my creativity flowing, it gets me caffeinated. Not necessarily in that order!

Today, I noticed this message in the middle of a huge crack in the concrete wall.

As I read the message, I felt a smile warm my face, and a feeling of support coming from behind me, almost like there was an invisible coach placing a strong, kind hand on my back.

And as I walked out the door to take on the day, I said to myself, “You got this!”

According to neuroscientist Rick Hanson, our brains are like Velcro for negative experiences, but Teflon for positive ones. We have a built-in negativity bias – which helped us evolve, but means that it takes about five good interactions to make up for a single bad one, and that painful experiences are much more memorable than positive ones.

But we can train ourselves to focus on the positive to help us improve how we feel, become more resilient, and get things done. And we 
can do this simply by noticing the pleasant experiences in our everyday life. 

This could be paying attention to the first sip of our coffee in the morning. Maybe the joy of first feeling the warm water wash down on us in the shower. Or maybe coming home to a child or pet you love, after time away. 

It doesn’t need to be big. The practice is just to notice the positive experience as it arises; as we do that, we start to rewire the brain to “level the playing field” against our built-in negativity bias.

It filled me with so much joy to feel like there was someone out there rooting me on this morning. So as you read this, know that I’m right here, rooting you on. You got this!