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Practices for individuals and teams include:

Mindfulness and breathwork meditation
Radical Inquiry: challenging questions and deep listening
Compassion and resilience training


Less stress, more focus: mindfulness leads to greater well-being
Emotional intelligence correlates with better teamwork and leadership
Resilience and trust, creativity and innovation

  • Bill George
    The main business case for meditation is that if you are fully present on the job, you will be more effective as a leader, you will make better decisions and you will work better with other people.
    Bill George
    Harvard Business School - former CEO of Medtronic


Customized programs integrating cutting-edge neuroscience with ancient wisdom. Offerings include Search Inside Yourself, Google’s top leadership development program.


Intuitive Coaching

The quickest way to identify and remove hidden blocks, unlock potential and sustain top performance. We’ll tap into what you already know via deep listening and challenging questions.


Have some fun and develop the mindset and skills you need to transform your leadership, your organization, and your self. (The meetings formerly known as “Workshops.”)


The best events are one-of-a-kind co-creations between audience and storyteller. Our conversations will connect the dots between curiosity, clarity and purpose.

Connecting the dots between curiosity, clarity and purpose

March 30, 2017

You Got This!

Every morning (when I’m not on the road speaking) I head out the back stairwell of my newly-constructed apartment building to take a walk. It gets me moving, it gets my creativity flowing, it gets me caffeinated. Not necessarily in that order!Today, I noticed this message in the middle of a huge crack in the concrete wall. As I read the message, I felt a smile warm my face, and a feeling of support coming from behind me, almost like there was an invisible coach placing a strong, kind hand on my back. And as I walked out the door to take […]

I've spent more than 20 years in senior roles in organizations including Vistage, YPO and UCLA — and a lifetime seeking balance and integration:

Art + Science (UCLA MFA screenwriter; one of the first certified teachers of the neuroscience-backed Search Inside Yourself program developed at Google)

Harvard MBA + 5-time firewalker

Dog-lover + cat-employee

Lefty when I pitch + right-handed at the plate

Seriously silly, because “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” – Oscar Wilde

“Working in the financial planning industry requires a lot of mental heavy lifting throughout the day; to be effective with my clients, my mental health needs to be in top shape. I really enjoyed Amy’s session on mindfulness and was inspired to pick up the practice once again with renewed focus and motivation. The techniques we covered as well as some of the tools we discussed will help me stick to it this time.”

Solon G. Vlasto

Principal - Bernhardt Wealth Management, Inc.

Amy Sandler

Founder + Chief Inspiration Officer
Thunderheart Leadership | Inspiration @ Work


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